Strike Gold on the Truckee River

The Technical Truckee, the Tough Truckee, the Tricky Truckee. Nothing comes easy on the Truckee River.

The pride of the Truckee River is its wild trout. Anglers are drawn to the Truckee River for its potential to give up a memorable fish. A couple clients, and I were fortunate to encounter a real Truckee beast on a recent outing.  Not only did this fish give us the ride of a lifetime, but it also provided hope for the future. This big male brown trout displays the potential the Truckee River still has. The wild trout of the Truckee River are a fantastic resource to the public, and hopefully we are able to put more effort forth allowing them to thrive, not just survive.

Arlo Townsend is a fly fishing guide in Reno, Nevada. Check him out at @arlosflyfishing or at his website here!

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