Ladies Rendezvous for Redfish and Restoration of Waterways

Top 3 Winners of the Weekend! Pictured left to right: Caroline Irwin, Bre Drake, Meg Fischer. Photo by Hayden Dobbins

Charleston, South Carolina – Where can we sign up for next year? Onlookers from afar observed in envy when Marsh Wear Clothing hosted their first ever Women’s Redfish Fly Tournament, the Lady Red Rendezvous, at the end of September. 

Looks like this was the spot to be at! Photo by Hayden Dobbins

Boasting 50 teams and 66 female anglers, the competitors represented five states from all across the Southeast. This inaugural event brought the fly fishing community together in the sport and benefit of Charleston Waterkeeper, whose mission is to defend and restore Charleston’s waterways.

How it worked: Each team declared their fishing day, prepped for the long weekend ahead, and the winner was to be decided on the last day by combining the inches of the team’s three largest fish. The weekend brought precarious weather, but that didn’t stop the groups from absolutely conquering the water. The final results from every team ended with 1,122.5 total combined inches caught from all teams, 43 caught and released redfish over the weekend.

Great way to spend the weekend! Photo by Hayden Dobbins


First place: Bre and Wilds Drake of Team Drake – a combined 88.75 inches.

Second place: Meg and Rob Fischer of Team Ladyfisch – a combined 82.25 inches.

Third place: Caroline Irwin and John Irwin of Team Flyright – a combined 81 inches.

“The tournament brought together a community of female anglers and friends from across the Southeast to have a fun weekend on the water doing what we all love most,” said Kait Dobbins of Marsh Wear Clothing. “The number of women who caught their first redfish on the fly, got back on the water, or went fly fishing for the first time really makes it all worth it. It’s about bringing our community together and building those relationships that will last far beyond one weekend.” With the weekend filled with great food, company, laughter, stories, dancing and music – we’re definitely keeping this one on the radar to join next year.

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