Founded in 2010, Marsh Wear stems from a 100 year old family tradition of fishing in the Lowcountry. Over the past few years, the brand has started to gain true traction in the saltwater fishing apparel space. This year’s fall lineup of fly fishing clothing is inspired by the active lifestyle on and off the waters of the Charleston, Lowcountry.

All Marsh Wear garments are built with function in mind, resulting in a more active and tailored fit without the gimmicky frills that make most fishing apparel non-transitional off the boat.

The Meet Up

There is nothing better than the anticipation of a fall day on the water with good friends. Loading up the skiff, over caffeinated excitement produces a spitball of game plans, location discussions, and spirited conversations about which flies have been working. The feeling of freedom experienced once the boat is hitched up and you hit the road is undeniable.

These brisk mornings are all about layering up–hence, the Marsh Wear Outerwear Collection. The durable and water-resistant Ebb Tide Tide Jacket fits the mold for the dawn patrol and has the look that can take you from a day of fishing straight into evening festivities.

The High

A morning flood tide is hard to beat. As the sun and tide rise in unison, you know it won’t be long before the spartina flats come to life and redfish tails start to crease the glassy surface. When the sun starts to heat things up and it’s time to shed your jacket, a good vest to keep your core warm and free your arms is key.

We have introduced two new vests in varying materials and weights to cover every scenario. The Fusion Lightweight Vest is our lightest weight option and features a water-resistant fabric face with a bonded polyester microfleece backing that delivers just the right amount of warmth. The Helix Vest is our beefier choice with a wind proof membrane and hood to keep your head warm on those super cold days.

High Slack

During the cooler months, the slack of the high tide offers a great change of pace for the tailing redfish diehards. There are two annual seasons to hunt marsh hens, offering an easy transition from chasing redfish on the fly to hunting these birds that inhabit the same areas.

With your shotgun plugged to only hold three shells, and Federal HIP permit onboard, poling your buddy through the grass and spooking up these birds is great fun. Our quilted mid-weight Rutledge Vest was designed with this in mind and has been a best-seller for years. The old school camo lends itself to the look of these hunts and the insulation keeps you toasty through the season.

The Drop

After regrouping and a few celebratory beverages, the attention swings towards the tide dropping out of the creeks and exposing the oyster bars. Redfish spraying shrimp and exposing their backs can muster some much needed excitement and energy after a long day.

Sustained comfort is key to these action-packed days and it’s hard to beat the Sandspit Pamlico Performance Series shirts. Our most comfortable year round performance fabric is made to feel like your favorite buttery soft t-shirt with all the critical performance attributes. Paired with our Escape Pants that feature convenient leg cinching for wading and you are set for a good low tide stroll.

Article from Marsh Wear founder and low country native Logan Roberts. To check out the full line of Marsh Wear products check them out online or on Instagram at @marshwearclothing.

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