5 Reasons Why There is Nothing Like Exploratory Fishing…

We spoke with Jako Lucas of Capt Jack Productions about why he loves exploratory fly fishing across the world and how that interest led to the film, “Bokong”, about a pioneering fly fishing trip for Yellowfish and trout in the African nation of Lesotho. 

1.Planning and Anticipation

It’s my belief that fly fishing is on ofe the most challenging forms of fishing in the world. Fly fisherman are constantly evolving and we keep challenging ourselves in every aspect of our sport. Personally, I love to fish new destinations, especially if it is a place that has never been fished by anyone else! 

However, as amazing as that might sound, there is always the looming possibility that you might fail. Therefore, planning is key to exploring new destinations. It can be very challenging as there are a lot of different variables you have to consider and being able to understand all the elements involved, whether it be within or without your control, this ranges from tides, moon phases, water temperatures etc. 

Once you have poured over every detail and done as much planning as possible, the anticipation and excitement start. 

2. The Journey
We are lucky enough that fishing helps push us to explore some amazing places, and more often than not it’s the journey to get there that makes it an adventure worth sharing. 

The more time I spend fishing these amazing new places I have realized that it is very important to enjoy the journey just as much as the destination. There are so many things to see and experience, and it will just take the trip to a whole new level when you sit back and enjoy the journey.

3. The Unknown
As I said before, there is a very high chance of failure. There is also a lot of trial and error, so you have to be willing to fight through the hard times. However, in saying that, if you have done enough prepping and you work hard and give it everything you can, the reward is just so satisfying and life-changing. It is this element that will drive you all the way through the adventure to a better understanding of not just your skill but also your abilities and a deep respect for the majesty of nature.

4. Being a Pioneer
There is nothing better than the adventure of going out to a place that has not been fished by another person or very few have had the courage or privilege. This might not be for everyone, but it is definitely a very exciting thing for me, especially if you succeed. 

5. The Reward
The reward for me is the ability to successfully bring all these elements together, to not only catch a fish myself but to put a client in a position to catch their fish of a lifetime. I love all the extreme elements of exploratory fishing… where you would mostly find yourself in the middle of nowhere surrounded by all kinds of obstacles, without the possibility to of a quick phone call and all you have is your instinct. It not as extreme as the movie Castaway, but there definitely is a sense of danger that lurks around the corner, and most importantly, a sense of catching a ‘fish of a lifetime’!

Be sure to check out the full film, available on Vimeo On-Demand here!

Photos Courtesy of Capt. Jako Lucas and Tourette Fishing!

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