Is the Number of Female Anglers Growing?

Today, the New York Times published an article titled Fly Fishing Targets Women as a Source of Growth”. Fly fishing, in general, doesn’t make the ‘Times” very often, so when it does some excitement is stirred up in the industry. 

The first photo of the of the article captions “Women have become the fastest growing demographic in the sport of fly fishing.” Which I thought was very interesting. To back up this statement the article quotes; “Industry leaders say women are the only growing demographic in the sport, which is why they are so crucial to cultivate. ” and “In 2016, more than two million women participated in the sport, an increase of about 142,000 from the previous year.” Seems legit. 

7I9A5223.jpgAfter reading the article I quickly began to think about some of the female anglers who are role models in the fly industry. One of the first people who came to mind was Jillian Lukiwski, who most of you know as @thenoisyplume. We asked Jillian what she thought about the article and we wanted to share a few of her answers with you.

Flylords: Do you think the number of female anglers is growing in the fly fishing industry?
Jillian: “I do think the number of female anglers is increasing but I also think there were more of us, to begin with than people think.”
Flylords: Do you think social media has increased the number of female anglers?
Jillian: “I think social media has definitely increased the number of female anglers.  I frequently receive notes from really great ladies who tell me my images and my writing inspired them to learn to fly fish.  I think it’s great.  It’s my great honor to inspire.  Ultimately, whatever gets people outside, connecting with life and death cycles, the rhythms of the seasons, noticing the beauty that is all around is good for individuals and thereby great for humanity and the world.”
Flylords: What is your advice to girls who want to learn how to fly fish?
Jillian: “My advice for girls who want to get into fishing is to approach it with a beginner’s heart and humility — this eliminates the notion of failure and transforms every experience into a learning opportunity.”
Whether this article is true or not, I think it’s awesome to see more female anglers on the water. Huge shout out to Jillian for taking some time to share her thoughts with us, check her out on Instagram! She has some amazing photos.
Also, check out the full NYT article here: They highlighted some great people and brands in the industry.