How Anyone Can Get Paid to Fish in Idaho

Currently, we’d only recommend Idaho anglers cash in on this deal, but once the travel bans and limitations are lifted, you can get your side-hustle on catching Rainbow Trout to help protect native Cutthroat Trout in the South Fork of the Snake River.

The famous South Fork of the Snake River needs some help in the form of fish removal. For 16 years there has not been a catch limit imposed on Rainbow trout in the river, but still, they keep spawning and are threatening to crowd out the native populations of cutties. Idaho officials do their part removing the fish as they electroshock, but now they are turning to cash rewards to help incentivize anglers to get out there.

According to KIVI Boise:

“[Idaho] Fish and Game remove thousands of rainbows from the South Fork with electrofishing. But every time they do, they place tiny tags in a few and put them back in the river. Each tag has a value ranging from five to one thousand dollars.”

So, if you’re in Idaho, and local to the South Fork of the Snake, maybe you can spend your time recreating outdoors and making some extra money at the same time!

Check out the full KIVI Boise article, here!

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