The summers in Japan are super hot with temps 34-38C (93-100F) every day. We seek refuge from the heat in the backcountry mountain rivers and streams.  Specifically in central Japan, Nagano prefecture.
The Target species are Native Japanese char and landlocked salmon (Iwana and Yamame).
We were fishing 700m-1000m (2300ft-3280ft) above sea level. Cold mountain river with 7-8C (44-46F) water temperatures. The license fee for this river is 1000Yen ($9.00) per day.
We were using size 10-12 mayfly dry flies. The crystal clear water made it tough, sight fishing was the effective way to catch the fish.
BX8I0020 3.jpeg
Trophy size fish are considered over 30cm (12 inches)! This is small compared to where I normally fish in New Zealand.
Spent a good 2 days looking for good size char. At least we caught one over 30cm trophy char and few broke off by unknown fish.
Kiyoshi Nakagawa is from Japan but resides in Auckland, New Zealand and is a professional fly fishing guide and photographer. Give him a follow at @nzyoshi.


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