Hucho: King of the Slovenian Rivers

Hucho, Huchen even called Danube salmon (Hucho Hucho) are one of the biggest river resident salmonids. They are closely related to Taimen (Hucho Taimen) and Ito (Hucho Perryi). Hucho is present in Europe, predominantly in tributaries to Danube, Mur and Sava river, they are not migratory and behave a bit more like huge trout.

One of the last strongholds in Slovenia where this fish was caught by Harald guided by @lustrik_flyfishingslovenia.

They are spring spawners so fishing for them is allowed from October to the middle of February. Due to conservation reasons, it is only allowed to go with a guide or club member.

We usually fly fish for them with 9 to 12wt rods with heavy sinking lines, preferably 10+ IPS sinking tips. Flies are similar then what would be used for Pike or Musky but a bit more natural color (see below).

On bigger rivers like Sava, Mur, Krka fish can grow to 90 lbs, but fish around 50 lbs are caught regularly.

This season with clients caught 4 fish over 50 lbs on 8 guided days, but success for such fish is not guaranteed on daily basis.

On smaller rivers for smaller fish, the success rate is a bit higher with generally 3-5 takes a day, resulting in 1 to 2 fish landed but probably around 10 lbs.

Article and photos from Rok Lustrik, be sure to follow him on his Instagram at @lustrik_flyfishingslovenia and check out his website ( and for more information on hucho: (

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