How to Tie: The Intruder

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Jerry French gives us a great tutorial on how to tie the Intruder.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

The Intruder Fly was originally created by Jerry French and was a concept pattern with a streamer style body with a trailer hook off of the back of the fly. What is unique about this fly is that it is commonly tied with tubes for buoyancy. Jerry ties his with shanks instead which is a key take away with this pattern.

The Intruder is considered a Spey fly or a fly fished on the swing for steelhead and other migratory fish. Trailer hooks were commonly tied on larger hooks but these hooks tend to damage and hurt steelhead upon release. This is where this idea was born. A safe and effective way to imitate food such as shrimp or squid for these sea run steelhead, salmon, and brown trout.

Jerry’s Intruder is tied with custom made shanks with a reverse eye. The smaller shank eye reduces the amount of resistance when casting allowing for better turnovers. The trailer hook is tied using an aqua rig and is tied in just like wire off the back of the shank. Be sure to run the tag ends through the shank eye for added security and strength. This fly was designed to be light to make the fishing experience more enjoyable. Easy to cast and an excellent sink/rise rate, the Intruder is a no brainer for swinging to Pacific sea run migratory fish.


  • Aqua Ultra Rig
  • Aqua Intruder Eyes
  • Grizzly Saddle Hackle
  • Senyos Fusion Dub
  • Senyos Predator Wrap
  • EP Anadromus Brush
  • Ostrich Herl
  • Polarflash
  • OPST Dubbing Spinner 

Now you know how to tie Jerry French’s Intruder Fly.

Video and Ingredients courtesy of Portland Fly Shop.

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