How to Tie: The Belly Scratcher Minnow

It’s no secret that big fish like to eat big flies, but sometimes getting those flies down to the bottom can be a tedious task. Well, worry no more because, in this week’s “How to tie” feature, Fly Fish Food is back with another great video of how to tie the Belly Scratcher Minnow.

Learn About This Fly

When it comes to targeting big fish in lakes and rivers, it’s always a smart move to pack some meaty flies that’ll entice those stubborn beasts out from where they hide. A lot of the times, especially in rivers, big trout won’t waste their time and energy in scooping up tiny snacks such as mayflies or nymphs, and instead, save their energy for protein-rich meals such as minnows.

However, some of the larger articulated flies can be a hassle to cast. Not to mention, when they sink low, they often get snagged on rocks or logs, forcing a break-off or spooking the fish. Luckily, this fly offers a simple, yet brilliant solution to this problem. By tying in a few tungsten beads to create a weighted belly, this fly sinks right to the bottom. However, by utilizing the belly scratcher style, the hook is on the TOP of the fly, thus drastically decreasing your likelihood of snagging on the bottom.

While this tie may come as a slight challenge to the novice tyer, it is a great next step for those looking to get more technical in their streamer tying game. By utilizing a zonker strip for the tail instead of traditional marabou, this fly is not only extremely effective with some sinking line, but a blast to tie!


  • Gamakatsu B10S streamer hook
  • Danville Flat Waxed Nylon White Thread (140 Denier)
  • Plummeting Tungsten Beads – Gold – 5/32″ (3.8mm)
  • Senyo Intruder Trailer Hook Wire – Black – Regular
  • Holographic Cactus Chenille – Silver Gold
  • Micro Pulsator Rabbit Strips – Black Barred Grizzly
  • Bruiser Blend Junior Dubbing – Alpha Wolf  (head 1)
  • Bruiser Blend Junior Dubbing – Cream  (head 2)
  • 3D Holographic Eyes – Super Pearl – 3/16″
  • Chartpak Fly Tying Markers – Delta Brown (Dark Brown)
  • Chartpak Fly Tying Markers – Goldenrod

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Now you know how to tie the Belly Scratcher Minnow!

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Article written by Flylords Team Member Wills Donaldson

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