How to Tie: The Foam is Home Stonefly 2.0

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Tim Sickles with Backcountry Hunters & Anglers ties a stonefly pattern that will bring out the worst in big trout, the Foam is Home Stonefly 2.0.

Difficulty: Difficult

For many anglers, dry fly fishing is the best time of the season. There may be no way more exciting to catch a large trout than for it to come up and crush a fly. The Foam is Home Stonefly 2.0 is the perfect imitation to make that dream come true. This fly is buoyant as a cork and imitates those big stones hatching tremendously. For the west especially, this is a fly that is a must in your spring and summer box.

In the How to Tie series, this may be one of the more difficult dry flies to tie. Taking the time to tie the Foam is Home Stonefly 2.0 is important, and can best be accompanied by the drink of your choice. Although this may not be a two dozen a night fly, when you are done these flies may just crawl off the table. The finished product is one that will look the part and serve until broken off due to its durable materials.

As said earlier, this is a fly that will fool trout unequivocally during those spring and summer months when stones are popping off. In the west, larger sizes will dominate, but in the east with slightly smaller stones, dropping down to a size 8 or 10 may be a wise choice. Keep the indicators in your bag and use the Foam is Home Stonefly 2.0 as your indicator this year, or fish this as a single fly. Regardless, when this fly is on the end of your line and stones are coming off, only good things await.


  • Hook: TMC 200R #4
  • Thread: Danville 70 – Rusty Brown
  • Tail: Medium round rubber legs – Black
  • Abdomen: 2mm and 1mm Cross Link Foam – Cinnamon
  • Underwing: EP Triggerpoint fibers – PMD and BWO
  • Thorax/Head: 2mm Foam – Cinnamon
  • Antennae: Small round rubber legs – Black
  • Legs: Medium Round rubber legs – Black
  • Indicator Post: 1mm Craft Foam – Orange
  • Other: Orange, Yellow, Black permanent markers

Now you know how to tie the Foam is Home Stonefly 2.0!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers.

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