How to Tie: The Drunk and Disorderly Streamer

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Troutcastz gives us a tutorial on how to tie the Drunk and Disorderly streamer, one of the most infamous big trout magnets in fly boxes today.

Difficulty: Hard

The Drunk and Disorderly(D&D) streamer is a fly developed by Tommy Lynch out of Michigan. From the How to Tie series, this may be the most difficult yet. This fly incorporates a couple of key features that allow it to swim and attract big fish effectively. The Drunk and Disorderly includes two hooks, which allow the fly to bend and swim in the water as if hurt or distressed. Paired with a deer hair head, this fly slides, rolls, and dives through the water column.

Movement is what separates the Drunk and Disorderly streamer from others in its class. Different stripping retrieves when fishing this fly will allow you to key in on what those hungry trout want, and territorial trout loathe. The beauty of the Drunk and Disorderly is that its ingredients are where half of the movement comes from. Using a sinking line will get this streamer into the feeding zone and using the rod to influence movement in the fly while stripping back in will ensure erratic behavior on days when needed.

Using different colors is also a fantastic way to change tactics during the day. Traditionally, light on light days and dark on dark days is the color pattern scheme to follow, but do not be afraid to stray from this. It is important to remember that throwing streamers often results in a predatory response to kill as much as actual hunger. Take your time tying the Drunk and Disorderly. These flies are not the minute-fly nymphs that you can lose five in a day and not bat an eye. Profile while tying this streamer will ensure your time on the vise was not wasted and to make sure your Drunk and Disorderly produces those big fish that it is known for.


Rear hook:

  • Hook: Ahrex NS122 #4
  • Thread: Textreme Powerthread Small
  • Flash tail: Flashabou – Bronze
  • Body: Textreme Long Hair Holo – Pearl White & Rabbit Zonker – White
  • Back: Flashabou – Bronze & Mallard – Wood Duck
  • Connection: NTS Wire & Fl Orange bead

Front hook:

  • Hook: Ahrex TP605 #1
  • Thread: UTC GSP 100D Black
  • Flash tail: Flashabou – Bronze
  • Body: Textreme Long Hair Holo – Pearl White & Rabbit Zonker – White
  • Sides: Mallard – Wood Duck
  • Back: Flashabou – Bronze & Peaock Herl
  • Head: Deer Belly Hair – Olive & 5mm Eyes & GULFF Flexman UV Resin

Now you know how to tie the Drunk and Disorderly streamer.

Video and ingredients courtesy of Troutcastz.

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