Craig Dickmann was out on a solo fly fishing trip on the beach of Cape York, Queensland, Australia, when an 8 ft saltwater croc thought the off-duty park ranger would make a tasty snack.

But, the croc bit off more than it could chew. After grabbing Craig by the arm and legs, the croc attempted to drag Craig down into the water. The ranger then “scuffled” with the animal and managed to gouge into its eye, prompting the reptile to release its grasp on his limbs.

Bleeding and injured in both legs, Dickmann managed to drive himself over an hour out of the wilderness area to his home, where a neighbor saw to his wounds until a Med-Evac chopper carried him to a hospital in Cairns, Queensland.

Dickmann is now stable in the hospital after an intensive surgery to repair the croc damage.

According to CNN, “There have been several other crocodile attacks in Queensland this year. In March, two fishermen were stranded in a tree above crocodile-infested waters for two days, and just last month a crocodile ate a pet dog playing in a river.”


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