How to Tie: The Brokeback Crawdaddy

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Kelly Galloup ties a crayfish pattern that should be in every anglers box when fishing a watershed with these crustaceans, the Brokeback Crawdaddy.

Difficulty: Hard

In the rivers and streams that both crayfish and trout coexist, these crustaceans become large meal tickets. The Brokeback Crawdaddy is a crayfish imitation that will undoubtedly capture the attention of hungry trout. Crayfish live in many different unique environments, but finding out they inhabit your local stream is like striking gold. Although a difficult fly to tie, taking your time and being patient will ensure you get the most out of your time on the vise.

The profile of the Brokeback Crawdaddy, combined with its movement in the water, make it a deadly pattern for trout. This fly can be tied in olive or tan, both offering different species variations or physical changes with molting. Crayfish become extremely vulnerable during the molting season, and if timed right, the Brokeback Crawdaddy could land you a personal best on the water.

Using larger streamers or flies in small streams is a great way to find quality fish. If moved but not hooked, you will be able to go back to the location and nymph through the run. A smaller food item being presented, once that trout has been found, may be the ticket to getting a strike. The Brokeback Crawdaddy is a holiday gift delivered from Kelly Galloup himself and should be fished on any stream with crayfish.


Rear Section:
  • Hook: Gamakatsu B10S #4
  • Eyes: Medium Double Pupil Lead Eyes (Yellow/white/black)
  • Antenna: Root Beer/Orange Tipped Hot Tipped Crazy Legs
  • Nose (rostrum): Bleached Deer Hair
  • Claws: Gold Variant Black Barred Rabbit Strips
  • Body: Amber/Olive Arizona Simi Seal
  • Alternate Body: Blend of UV Light Olive and UV Tan Ice Dub
  • Rib: Copper Ultra Wire (Brassie)
  • Hackle: Dark Barred Ginger Rooster Hackle or substitute
  • Carapace (Head): Gold Variant Black Barred Rabbit Strip
  • Connection: AFW Surflon Micro Ultra Wire-19 Strand
  • Cover: Dark Barred Ginger Hackle or Substitute on the larger side
Front Section:
  • Hook: Gamakatsu B10S #4
  • Abdomen (Shell Back): Gold Variant Black Barred Rabbit Strip
  • Body: Amber/Olive Arizona Simi Seal

Now you know how to tie the Brokeback Crawdaddy.

Video and ingredients courtesy of The Slide Inn.

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