How to Tie Svend Diesel’s Meat Game Changer

Well, Svend Diesel of @svenddiesel has done it again. The king of out-of-the-box and fun fly tying, Svend has created a fly for all of you meat-chucking streamer addicts out there, a game-changer pattern made from actual USDA meat and some fresh grilled veggies. He, of course, has provided detailed instructions and the recipe, so the next time you fire up the grill and have some extra meat lying around, you too can take on the challenge of tying up this bizarrely fun pattern.


Head: Pulled Pork w/ bbq sauce
Body: 18″ Cable
Material: Seasoned Tri-Tip with yellow onion and green pepper
Tail and Fin: Bacon
Mop: Rootbeer

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