How to Tie: Scandinavian Salmon Tube Fly

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, the legend Davie McPhail ties a traditional Scandinavian Salmon Tube Fly that all Atlantic Salmon anglers should have in their fly wallets.

Difficulty: Intermediate 

In the world of Atlantic Salmon fishing, there are little variables that can be controlled. Whether it is unexpected weather, water conditions, or a lack of subsurface presence, many things seem to always go awry. Traditional salmon flies, the tried and true for this mystical species, seem to be a go to for the most experienced anglers. This Scandinavian Salmon Tube Fly is one that may not guarantee you fish, but will certainly fair better than others when fishing for Atlantic Salmon.

Tube flies are more popular now than ever and for good reason. Depending on regulations, different hooks can be used or replaced if damaged. This makes for less hours on the vise or less money spent paying for different styles of the same pattern. Building this Scandinavian Salmon Tube Fly with a heavier front taper allows for more resistance in the front, creating a swimming motion like a small baitfish. When it comes to Atlantic Salmon fishing, any little advantage you can make goes miles and this fly does just that.

On your next trip to Scandinavia or other areas with large salmon rivers, this fly is a must to have in your wallet. Although I have never personally experienced this thrill, I would imagine catching one of these leapers on a traditional pattern is much like using a dry fly on the River Test. For those looking for their next next weapon or savior for salmon, look no further. This Scandinavian Salmon Tube Fly is the tool for the job and might just take the mystical element away from that fish.


  • Tube: 15mm T-Tube from Frank N Snaelda from Sean Stanton
  • Thread: Uni-8/0 Fire Orange
  • Tag: Opal Mirage Tinsel Large
  • Hackle: Flu Orange Hen or Cock
  • Middle Wing: Flu Orange Fox
  • Body: Rainbow Lite-Brite Mixed with Black Dubbing
  • Under-Wing: Hot Orange Fox and Orange Krinkle Flash
  • First Hackle: Hot Orange Badger
  • Wing: Fiery Brown and Black Fox
  • Hackle: Blue Hen or Cock
  • Eyes: Jungle Cock
  • Head: Glo-Brite Floss No.4 Flu-Red

Now you know how to tie a Scandinavian Salmon Tube Fly!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Davie McPhail.

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