How to Tie: The Surf Candy

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Trident Fly Fishing gives us a great tutorial on how to tie the Surf Candy.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

This week, saltwater junkies can finally rejoice as we take a step back from trout rivers and streams. The Surf Candy is an infamous saltwater streamer pattern that takes intermediate skill to tie but is worth the time to perfect. The combination of synthetic materials and UV Epoxy creates an extremely durable, yet effective, pattern that can be used in a wide range of fishing situations.

From tuna to striped bass, the versatility of this fly is extensive. The Surf Candy can be tied in many different sizes/colors to match different baitfish that your target species preys upon. Depending on the quantity of polar flash, this fly can become as bulky or sparse as is desired. With this simple change, you can imitate a diverse spectrum of baitfish, while keeping the same durable body.

Profile for many predator species is the key to getting them to eat your fly. The Surf Candy can maintain that profile even after several fish due to its hard setting epoxy. The most difficult part of this fly is building this profile with the epoxy but taking your time and using layers will make this much easier to control. Tying patterns that require more attention to detail will ultimately increase your skill level while on the vise. Although the Surf Candy is more laborious to tie than other flies in the How to Tie series, no angler should be without it in their saltwater box.


  • Hook: Ahrex NS172 – Size 6
  • Thread: Monofilament
  • Polar Flash: Pearl & Grey
  • Epoxy: Loon UV Epoxy
  • Eyes: Fish Skull Living Eyes – 3mm – Ice

Now you know how to tie the Surf Candy. 

Video and ingredients courtesy of Trident Fly Fishing.


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