How to Tie in Perfect Tails Every Time

Lets be honest, tying flies is very rewarding but can be difficult at times. While it may seem odd, having the right amount of materials on the fly can make or break your success on the water. That being said, it is important to think sparingly when tying in tail fibers on nymphs and dry flies. Having too many fibers can look unnatural. In this tips and tricks video of the week, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions gives us a tutorial on how to tie in perfect tails on every fly.

How to Tie in Perfect Tails

  1. Select a desired material for your tail fibers.
  2. Measure the tail out to the desired length, in most cases it should be the length of the hook shank plus the eye of the hook.
  3. Pinch the fibers in your left hand and cut the butt ends off of the fibers.
  4. Give your bobbin a counter clockwise spin to ensure the thread will jump back on top of the fibers.
  5. The key here is to pull up on the tail fibers when tying them in because it will ensure the fibers stay on top of the hook shank.
  6. Stop wrapping right at the hook bend and check to make sure the tail fiber tips are still well aligned.

There you have it, the perfect tail every time. Try this technique with many different materials until you get it down.

For more tips and tricks, check out Tightline Productions on YouTube by clicking here.

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