How to Tie: Deer Hair Abdomen for Grasshoppers

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Svend Diesel gives us a great tutorial on how to tie deer hair abdomen for grasshoppers.

Difficulty: Intermediate 

Amidst hopper season it is important to always try different bodies and styles. Foam has certainly taken over for hopper bodies but using natural hairs will always hold a sense of tradition for me. This deer hair abdomen for grasshopper patterns and other terrestrials with similar shaped bodies is great way to expand and improve your tying arsenal. Carrying different style hoppers in your box, both foam and naturals, may be the ticket to getting those ferocious eats and one should never be counted out.

Naturals can have the buoyancy and effectiveness of foam if tied and treated properly, but regardless is a good change of pace for avid tyers. The simplicity of tying deer hair abdomen can be compared to spinning deer hair. Requiring little materials besides hair and thread, the simplistic look should not be confused for the difficulty. These will take more time to perfect than tying with foam, but the results are incredible. Taking time will be the key to success for shape and density.

Although this specific video is centered around tying deer hair abdomen for grasshoppers, this body style can be used for mayflies and especially green drakes. Other insects that carry similar profiles can also have this body tied in, such as inch worms or stoneflies. Tying with deer hair can be frustrating, but the skills and variety that can be applied to other flies is immense. Take your time, enjoy the process, and tie up some deer hair abdomen for grasshoppers before your next trip to the river.


Now you know how to tie deer hair abdomen for grasshoppers.

Video and ingredients courtesy of Svend Diesel.

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