How to Perform a Double Haul Cast

Have you ever run into an instance where your normal fly casts just weren’t reaching the areas you were targeting? Or have there been instances where you feel like the more fly line you are casting the harder it is to control? The double haul cast is an effective practice in which all anglers should learn and utilize. When performed correctly, you’ll notice less strain on your casting arm and increased ability to shoot your line to further distances. In this tutorial, Peter Kutzer of Orvis demonstrates a step-by-step breakdown of the famous double haul cast.

Step by Step Breakdown:

  1. Start by performing your routine fly cast flicking your wrist back and forth.
  2. When flicking your wrist back into your back cast, simply tug downward on your slack line. This will tighten your line and give your rod more bend.
  3. Perform the same motion throughout your forward cast. Flick your wrist forward and simultaneously tug downward on your slack fly line to tighten you line and leader.
  4. Repeat this process until your cast is at the desired distance.

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