How to Set Up Your Tenkara Fly Rod from Start to Finish

Whether you are a new age or an old age fly fisherman, one thing remains true, our fly rods. I mean, I am sure we can all say that the first fly rod we started on was a 9′ 5 weight rod with weight forward line and a tapered nylon leader. A fly rod is a special tool and we like to pick and choose our set ups as we continue to grow with the sport. Maybe you like to mix fly fishing with hiking and camping but just don’t have the space to bring your full set up. This is where you could benefit from a Tenkara Rod, but what is that? Tenkara is a minimal style of fly fishing originating in Japan. It is primarily use for mountain small stream trout fishing. These rods are known for being telescopic and without a reel which may seem totally foreign to you. So how do you set up a Tenkara rod? In this tips a tricks video of the week, Tenkara Rod Co. demonstrates how to assemble the rod from start to finish.

How to Set Up a Tenkara Fly Rod

  1. Take the rod out of the carbon fiber rod tube.
  2. Take hold of the lillian and tie a simple overhand knot towards the end of the line.
  3. Next, attach your line to the lillian by opening the backing loop and pull the running line through the loop.
  4. Slide this loop over the lillian and then carefully cinch the loop down tightly.
  5. Attach tippet to the end of your tippet ring with a simple clinch knot.
  6. Use anywhere from two to five feet of tippet and then attach your fly with a clinch knot.
  7. In order to store the line, you can hook your fly on the line holder and then wind your line around it.
  8. The line holder is made to fit perfectly on your cork handle.

This truly is the most packable and minimal fly rod on the market and is perfect for adventure fishermen out there. If you are looking for a lightweight and fun way to spruce up your hiking trips, grab yourself a Tenkara rod. Best of luck on the water and tight lines!

If you are interested if trying out a Tenkara Fly Rod, click here.

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