Staying Afloat: Alvin Dedeaux

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Introducing the Staying Afloat Serieswhere we take an inside look into the lives of many different fly fishing guides, shops, brands, and lodges across the world in hopes of finding out how the COVID is affecting them, what they are doing to help, and how we can do our part to help them.

Meet Alvin Dedeaux, the owner, and operator of All Water Guides. The operation is located in Austin, Texas where Alvin and his guides target trout, bass, and even redfish on the coast.

Staying Alfoat Series

Flylords: How did COVID impact you and your business?

Alvin: We basically shut the business down for 6 weeks. Spring is a pretty busy time of year for us because the weather is amazing and we don’t have runoff. Initially, we could have legally stayed open, but we thought it would be better to be safe than sorry. As business owners, it was a really hard decision to make. In the end, we just decided it was best for our family as well as our guides and clients who we see as family. We just thought it was the best way to take care of our people.

Flylords: What have you been doing with all the spare time?

Alvin: I have been doing a ton of home improvement projects. The yard has never looked better. I have made a bunch of Youtube videos as well. I think the most impressive project is my wife reupholstering the seats in her 97 Tacoma 4×4. She used the leather from our garage couch and did all the work herself. The seats in her truck look like a brand new high-end luxury car.

Flylords: What are some of the home water fisheries you have been fishing?

Alvin: We haven’t been on the water in almost 50 days now. The county closed the ramps on the Colorado River so we will have to wait until they reopen hopefully in the next week.

Flylords: Are you getting clients back on the water soon?

Alvin: We have been doing a few trips on the rivers that are open. There is quite a demand at the moment. We are going slow and trying to be as safe and responsible as possible. You know, trying to take care of our people.

Flylords: Any tips for organizing your gear?

Alvin: Something that has really helped me is to separate my gear according to species or type of water. I try to keep my saltwater gear separate from my bass gear. It does mean having 2 of a lot of the basic gear, but when I grab my saltwater gear I know the pliers I need won’t be in my bass box at home when I need them on the coast.

Flylords: What are some of the products you use to organize your gear?

Alvin: My favorite new piece of gear is the Yeti Go Box. I can put everything I need from flies and other tackle to camera gear.

Flylords: Number one tip for beginner bass anglers?

Alvin: Practice your casting and don’t be afraid to lose some flies. Bass love cover so you have to be able to get your flies as close as possible, but even the best casters are going to get too close sometimes.

Flylords: If you had one sentence to describe your Seychelles trip what would it be?

Alvin: Take everything you have heard about the Seychelles and double it, it’s just that good.

Flylords: Any upcoming exciting trips in the works?

Alvin: Right now the most exciting trip will be when I get to get out on my home waters when all this calms down. After that I have so many places I want to go fish. Argentina, Michigan and Minnesota are on the list.

Be sure to check out Alvin on Instagram @alvin_dedeaux_fly_fishing or @allwaterguides and online at

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