How to Create a Dubbing Loop

As fly fishermen, we tend to go through various fly patterns during a typical outing on the water. Our goal is to do our best to match the aquatic food sources in which fish species are munching on. In order to do that, our imitations must have a fairly realistic and life-like look to them. If you enjoy tying your own flies, you may have run into a time where you wish you could add more bulk to your fly without hindering the life-like appeal. A simple and easy tip to achieve this effect is to create a dubbing loop while tying your fly. This makes adding bulk and liveliness to your flies much easier. In this tutorial, Orvis endorsed fly tyer, Tim Flagler shows us how to easily and effectively create a dubbing loop when tying flies.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Position your tying thread at the hook point.
  2. Pull down to expose about three inches of thread.
  3. Loop thread around the index finger of your left hand.
  4. Take a full wrap around the hook shank and then pass the thread around the loop.
  5. Feed the loop with a clump of dubbing.
  6. Remove your finger and twist the loop clockwise until the dubbing is spun nicely.
  7. Use the loop to wrap the hook shank creating the body of the fly.
  8. Use your tying thread to finish off the dubbing look and snip off the excess.


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