In our latest Gear Review, we had the chance to test out the O’Pros Midwest Mid Length – 18″ Net and Carry All Bag from their latest gear release. Check out what we had to say below.

The sport of fly fishing is continually progressing and we are seeing a rise in catch and release fishing tactics. Putting this practice in motion requires a landing net capable of being portable, durable, and fish friendly. After capturing a niche market with the Third Hand Rod Holder, O’Pros has set out to capture the attention of fly-anglers with a new take on an old classic.

Upon hearing this, we decided to try out the Midwest Mid Length – 18″ landing net along with the Carry All Bag to put this unique product to the test. When you think of a landing net, more often than not, your mind goes to the short-handled wooden construction or an elongated boat accessory. The O’Pros brothers took these classic designs and added in their own twist combining their passion for the sport of hockey with fly fishing. From the mountains of the east coast to the plains of the west, we have had plenty of opportunities to put this net to the test.

Upon Opening:

Upon arrival, to say we were impressed would be an understatement. The net was shipped to our doorstep in a reusable shipper which doubles as a custom Carry All Bag, perfect for housing the net as well as multiple rod tubes. This is not only a refreshingly environmentally conscious approach to packaging, but really gives off that hockey duffel bag feel to bring the construction of the net full circle.

Having a lightweight net on the river possesses a great advantage over clonking around with your boat net, and the Midwest Mid Length landing net provides just that. The carbon fiber/fiberglass composite hockey stick construction of the handle feels great in the hand and is easily portable on the river. Not to mention, the custom measuring graphic definitely comes in handy when feeling the need to brag to your buddies about the size of your recent catch. The hoop has a very solid feel being made of aluminum and is plenty wide enough to house fish of different sizes and weights.


Field Testing:


A net is an essential tool that we as fly-anglers rely on daily. That being said, gear is meant to be used therefore we need equipment that can withstand the grueling usage of a dedicated fisherman. Upon field testing for a few months throughout Pennsylvania and the reaches of West, we can say that this net passes the test. The aluminum construction of the hoop and carbon fiber composite construction of the handle make for some of the toughest materials in the game and plenty strong enough for any angler using this product. This net has dropped on large rocks as well as been used as a wading stick and has held up quite nicely. O’Pros offers a full lifetime warranty should something tragic happen to your landing net.



The key feature of this net that stands out is the lightweight feel. Although the 18″ handle may seem daunting to some, the carbon fiber composite construction makes for easy portability. Having the longer handle also provides an advantage for longer reach, as well as decreasing the stress put on the fish being fought. The slim design provides the ability for the net to be easily held in your typical wading belt or your sling/waist pack. Having the Carry All Bag helps tremendously when traversing on a deep trek in the mountains carrying multiple rods and necessary gear for the trip.


Overall Specs:

  • Hockey stick shaft handle (carbon fiber/fiberglass composite)
  • Custom graphic with ruler measuring system
  • Wide aluminum hoop (19″ x 14″) in black or silver
  • Rubber bag in black or clear
    • Regular depth (12″) or Deep (18″)
  • Carry bag included
  • Lifetime Warranty

Final Review:


5 star rating


4 star rating


4 star rating


4 star rating

Visual Appeal: 

5 star rating


If you are in the market for a lightweight, innovative, and durable landing net, the O’Pros Midwest Mid-Length landing net has you covered. This innovative twist combining two otherwise unrelated sports creates the perfect bond in the fly fishing world. Considering this is the mid-size net of the trio, there are options for leisure anglers all the way to drift boat experts. Coming in at a lower than average price point for the materials included, this net is sure to provide long-lasting performance and durability while avoiding to break the bank.


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