BUFF Launches New Filter Tube Mask

2020 will always be known as the year COVID-19 turned everything upside creating change and new forms of the word “normal.” One new formality that we have all experienced is the use of masks on a daily basis. After recently launching the Filter Mask, BUFF has transitioned this technology to the famous BUFF tube model.

The Filter Tube BUFF feels and fits just like your typical neck gaiter but now includes a 3 – Layer replaceable filter system that blocks with 98% bacterial filtration efficiency. Made of 95% recycled REPREVE fabric, this product features a 4-way Ultra Stretch fit, easily covering your nose and mouth.

Images by BUFF

Product Features

  • 3-Layer Replaceable Filter
  • Active Fit and Function
  • Antimicrobial Filter Pocket
  • Recycled Performance Fabric
  • Comes in two adult and one kids size
Images by BUFF

For more information about the BUFF Filter Tube, CLICK HERE.

BUFF Drops Brand New Filter Mask

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