We spent the last week shooting on the new AxisGO phone case from Aquatech imaging solutions and our first response is… “Wow, we haven’t been this pumped up to write up a review in a while.”unspecified-1So let’s get started on what made this gadget so exciting. For anyone who enjoys reading or looking at fly fishing media, we all know that the half underwater shots are some of the most engaging photos around. I can’t count the number of magazine covers that have featured the split shot with a fish underwater and the angler above. Not only do the photos look great, but they also keep the fish wet, and we are big fans of the #keepemwet movement. In the past, one of the main problems with shooting these photos was the cost of entry into this specific realm of photography. But with the AxisGO, this barrier is broken. For $200 (+Accessories) you can buy an AxisGO case and with the right accessories be ready to roll the day the product arrives. To buy a DSLR and a professional water housing you are looking at spending $4,000-5,000. We have also tested out our fair share of other dome port products for taking these photos, and this product has by far exceeded those performances.

Shot on @AxisGo

Below we are going to list a few highlights about the product.

  1. Easy installation. The product could not be designed any better. After unboxing, you can have everything assembled within 5 minutes.
  2. Easy to use. All you have to do is insert your phone, snap the cover shut, (when it snaps into place it will seem too easy, but trust me your phone will be protected) and you are ready to roll. One of our favorite features of this product is the trigger handle. You can literally shoot photos and videos with full control of your phone, by using a trigger attached to the side of the phone case. Having this freedom while trying to align the perfect split shot is a game changer. We also love that the AxisGo has a touch screen sensitive design so there is no need for any 3rd party apps.
  3. The quality. Not only is the quality of the product great, but the quality of the photos are even better. We are shooting on the iPhone X, and the quality of the photos blew us away.

    Shot on @AxisGo
  4. The Price Point. As we mentioned above, coming in at $400 is incredibly more affordable than trying to cover your DSLR.
  5. Portability. In a lot of reviews, we always talk about portability, that is because we are always traveling, and having to lug gear around isn’t very fun. I’m sure most fly fisherman can agree with that statement. This product folds up pretty nicely, and it doesn’t take up a ton of room. Yes, it might be the biggest iPhone case in the world, but let’s be honest it’s time to spice up your fishing photos, and this is definitely the tool you have been looking for.

    Shot on @AxisGo

We wanted to add a testimony from a guide we spent some time in Alaska with: “Simply put, shooting 4K at 60fps in a handheld underwater camera is what sets this housing apart. The ability to stretch the artistic spectrum, while having the familiarity of your own phone is what makes the AxisGo the most innovative product out there. I also love the fact that I can “Go Live” directly through an underwater device, which I was previously not able to do with my Go Pro.”

Testimony from Alaska guide, Eric Leininger @Mykizha

We hope you enjoyed the review, and we are also excited to offer you a 10% discount on this product available through October 31st, 2018. Use code FLYLORDS via your purchase from www.axisgo.com


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