Flylords Snapchat Adventure: Humpback Salmon

The Flylords Snapchat was Live last night in Hope Alaska.

Chap Writes:

“We are in Alaska commercial salmon fishing as a summer job. On the off days from being in the ocean, we get the opportunity to fly fish. On this day trip we were fishing for pinks, chums, and kings on Resurrection Creek near Hope, Alaska. We ended up landing around 100 fish, catching every species. “

Chap and Thomas did an awesome job on the Takeover. Short and Sweet, with some massive Salmon, and some good tunes. It also looks like taking that summer job up in Alaska is paying off…

Follow along on The FlyLord Adventures Snapchat: theflylords

(Up next our buddy TJ Orton will be live out in Portland Oregon!)


If you think you have what it takes for a takeover, email us

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