The US Forest Service is investigating an incident involving a helicopter, a fly fishing party, and the renowned Bob Marshall Wilderness. Earlier this month, the pictured couple flew their helicopter to a sandbar on the South fork of the Flathead River in the Bob. Well, motorized vehicles, helicopters included, are more or less prohibited in wilderness areas. ‘John,’ who wanted to keep his last name private, witnessed the incident. John questioned the couple about the helicopter, leading to a heated discussion and the helicopter’s departure.

“We appreciate the reporting parties who came forward with the information and take it very seriously. It’s under investigation and we’ll let the public know as we have updates,” said the Flathead National Forest spokeswoman.

This is most definitely not what one would expect to see deep in a wilderness area–especially the one million acre Bob Marshall Wilderness. For more on this story, read this Whitefish Pilot article.


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