It’s the first summer fishing trip, the crew was able to get away from everyday life and take the week off. Caddis, Hoppers, even salmonflies, who knows. But what you do know is that it’s your turn to plan out the meals and food situation. So, burritos, eggs, bacon, burgers, pasta? All of a sudden there’s a lot more to prep and pack than just your waders, rods, and a sleeping bag. In this article, We’ll go over how to prep for a trip like this and provide tips and tricks to ensure that your meals are talked about for future trips.

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1) Plastic Bins

To start, I can’t stress enough how much a classic 10 gallon plastic bin helps keep your “kitchen” supplies separate and relatively organized. A dual burner stove, cutting boards, kitchen utensils, rolls of paper towels, and all of your pans can all fit if organized right.

Camping bins
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2) Reusable Cups and Plates

Minimize your trash. Beer cans, food packages, and whatever else tend to fill up trash bags very easily. So, I try to bring a set of metal utensils, reusable metal cups, and lastly, enamel plates and mugs. They are super easy to clean and it eliminates the need to use a ton of paper plates that fill up the trash bag. I know having the trash bag fill up is a small problem, but every bit of space saved helps.

Tight loops coffee
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3) Plastic Egg Holder

Yes weird highlight, but nothing is worse than having a soggy wet egg carton and you drop half of the eggs for the trip. Or even worse they get crushed in the cooler. Then, your wiping eggs off of your bacon and beer. They are game changers and you can actually stack items on top of them instead of designating an egg corner in the cooler.

Egg Holder
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4) Tupperware

In my opinion, this is one of the most useful items in the kitchen kit. They can be used as a mixing bowl, makeshift cups and bowls, and an effective means for keeping ingredients separate. They make for easy leftovers and are once again, super easy to clean. The best thing I’ve found is that after a big morning breakfast of bacon & eggs, you are left with a ton of bacon grease in the pan. Let that cool enough and throw it in some Tupperware. Boom you’ve got a butter and oil replacement for another meal or meals. Another huge benefactor of Tupperware is the ability to meal prep. Sauces, sides, rice, whatever it is if it saves time by doing it at home it leaves more time to sit down and have a drink.

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5) Foldable Table

I know this probably self-explanatory, or at least I hope it is, but a foldable table is a game-changer. So instead of cooking on the tailgate, crouching and cooking on a cooler or a stump. I’ve done it all, but a few basics like a chair and a foldable table really do make a world of difference. After a long day of fishing in the sun, having to crouch or stand in an uncomfortable position to make food is a task that can be avoided. But if you’re in a pinch the tailgate is always a great option.

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6) A Cast Iron Skillet

I cannot stress the versatility of a cast iron pan. Yes, they may be a little heavy, but if you wanted to you could cook anything on embers or even make a cast iron pizza. I highly recommend giving that a try next time! The biggest thing about cast iron and non-stick pans is that you use rubber or wooden cooking utensils, because if you use a metal spatula or metal tongs you end up scraping the bottom of your pans, therefore, getting bits of cast iron or non-stick coating into your food. It’s a Small problem again, but an avoidable problem.

Cast iron
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7) Biodegradable soap

Biodegradable soap and a sponge or scrub. The last thing you want your trip to be known for is, the trip that you got somebody sick because you didn’t clean the utensils well enough or there was still raw chicken on the cutting board. It happens, it happened to me. Not a fun time. Takes 5 minutes and keeps everything clean and organized.

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8) Small Camp Sink

Staying on the cleaning side of things, a portable sink is a huge addition to the kitchen set up. Now I know your first thought is what is a portable sink? Literally any container can be a sink. I use a little foldable plastic basket but it makes cleaning and just cooking so much easier.

Rei Camp sink
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9) Cooler Racks

Depending on how big your cooler is, utilize the organization racks. I know some coolers have them and some don’t but they are perfect for keeping things off ice yet still cold.

Yeti Organizer
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10) Jetboils

They are game changers and are so quick. If you want to make coffee, tea, or pasta don’t waste space with trying to boil water on the stove top. Save that for your sauce pan. A good majority of us on the team swear by them and never go on a trip without them!

Jetboil Coffee 2
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Ex. 11) Aluminum Foil

Leftovers, cooking, even plates! Foil comes in handy more times than not. I think of it as the duck tape of the cooking world. Oh and don’t forget to mention foil dinners. If you haven’t tried one out you have too! A simple foil dinner that I use is ground beef, sliced bell peppers, spinach, garlic powder, taco seasoning, and mushrooms. Wrap that all in foil, and cook on embers for about 15-20 mins. So easy and so versatile!
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I hope these tips are able to help on your next big trip!

Cheers to cold drinks, good friends, and tight lines.

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