Florida Kids Rescue Bald Eagle Found With a Hook In Its Beak

Featured Image from Pasco County Fire Rescue. 

Here’s some feel-good news for these weird first days of 2021. Two Florida kids found and helped to rescue a bald eagle that had become tangled in fishing line after a hook became embedded in its beak, likely from trying to eat whatever fish was previously speared on the hook.

According to the Pasco County Fire Rescue, “Upon realizing that the animal could not fly or eat in its current condition, firefighters contacted Owl’s Nest Sanctuary — a nearby wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization in Odessa — for assistance. A volunteer named Dianne arrived soon after and determined that the severely dehydrated eagle was likely tangled in the fishing line for days. The animal was then transported back to the sanctuary, where the fishing hook was removed.”

“After closer examination, firefighters realized that the eagle was underweight, a fishing hook was through his beak, and a fishing line was wrapped around his wing,” explained Pasco County Fire Rescue.

The unnamed eagle is current in rehabilitation before its eventual release back into the wild.

You can read more about the rescue, here!

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