Oil Spill Reported on Grand Bahama

Even as the Bahamas heals from the impact of Hurricane Dorian, a leak at an oil storage facility run by Equinor on Grand Bahama has seeped into the sea. When the storm hit the island Equinor was storing approximately 77,666,583 gallons of oil. That oil is currently spilling into the shallow, warm seas of the Bahamas, and the slick can be seen from the air around the site, as shown in the video above.

Hopefully, the oil spill remains contained, but should it enter the sea in force, it could cause immeasurable damage to the fishery. Precious bonefish flats could be choked out and other marine life killed. The company has stated that they are working hard to get a cleanup team there ASAP. But with Hurricane relief efforts still ongoing, the logistics seem daunting.

But officials are not just worried about the delicate marine ecosystem surrounding the island but the island’s drinking water itself. Because the island is formed from porous rock, the island relies heavily on the drinking water stored in the aquifers below the ground. Should this oil reach those aquifers, the drinking water for most of the island could be rendered useless.

To read more about the spill, check out this article on the DailyMail.com

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