The FDA just gave the go-ahead to a company that has genetically modified Atlantic Salmon to grow twice as fast, the company still has quite the legal battle to bring the salmon to our tables. But just last week we published a piece highlighting the detriment farming salmon can be on the environment and what can happen when genetically modified salmon escape their farms and enter ecosystems.

A Healthy Wild Atlantic Salmon

Patagonia CEO, Rose Marcario issued a statement commenting on the FDA’s approval:

“Today’s FDA decision allowing genetically engineered salmon to end up on dinner plates throughout the U.S. demonstrates a continued arrogance that humans can dominate nature. For over 40 years, Patagonia has fought for wild places and the natural biodiversity they support. Scientists and watchdog groups indicate that genetically modified salmon pose serious risks to health, wild fish populations, local fishing economies and the environment — and labeling laws won’t go into effect until 2022, leaving citizens in the dark. Instead of opening the market to high-cost, risky technology like GMO salmon — particularly in this time of weakened government oversight — we need to reinvest in protecting our wild rivers and wild fish.”

Read more about the issue, here.

Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Patagonia. Associated Press.

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