New Satellite Hot-Spot Lets You Stay Connected Anywhere

A new, super portable way to stay connected no matter where you travel is now available. Developed by a team of engineers with a passion for the outdoors and travel, Somewear Labs, released their hot spot device after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Via Somewear Labs:

“Somewear Labs, an emerging leader in adventure communication technology, is pleased to announce the arrival of the Somewear Global Hotspot: a dependable, simple to use, satellite communication hotspot that pairs with iOS and Android devices to deliver a range of off-the-grid communication services. Somewear provides straightforward and reliable 2-way communication, weather reports, location sharing, and much more when you’re far from home. Somewear is now available for regular online sales and delivers in time for the 2018 holiday season.

The Somewear Global Hotspot utilizes LEO satellite networks to ensure dependable connectivity anywhere in the world. Somewear works with iOS and Android phones via Bluetooth LE connection to provide 2-way communication with SMS text or email via an easy-to-use mobile app. Working off an integrated lithium polymer battery (with micro-USB charge port), Somewear can send up to 1,000 text messages on a single charge. The low profile, IPX7 waterproof device (submersible to 1m for up to 30min), is a quarter of the size and less than half the weight than leading satellite hotspot and phone technologies making it easy to take wherever you go.

Image from Somewear Labs

Somewear is also a stand-alone emergency transmitter that can be activated without connection to a phone. When a user pushes the SOS button embedded directly on the device, a distress signal is transmitted with GPS coordinates and user profile information to local emergency response, so they know who to rescue and where exactly they are located. Somewear also facilitates 2-way communication between emergency response and the distressed users as well as geo-tracking, if the victims are on-the-move or drifting in open water.

For Somewear Labs CEO, James Kubik, the arrival of Somewear represents a leap forward in personal satellite communication devices. “Satellite communication has long been thought of as clunky, slow and downright frustrating, and this launch changes that. Somewear’s software first approach to satellite communication has created the most seamless satcom experience available. We’re starting with the digital essentials of communication, navigation and local information to ensure people are informed and safe no matter where their adventures take them.”

Each device retails for around $350, and full product specs can be found on the Somewear Labs page, here.

Source: Somewear Labs, Somewear Labs Vimeo.

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