Far From Home Episode 1: Alaska

Far From Home Episode 1: Alaska

In 2018 we set off on a trip up to Good News Bay Alaska. The goal; spend a few weeks with the guides before the season kicked off to tell their story. The people that made up this lodge were some of the most unique characters we had ever met. We instantly built a bond and connection with this diverse crew, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this story. – Stories like this are a great reminder that fly fishing is more than just catching fish.

– Good News River lodge is an amazing spot to be, and we highly recommend it. With all 5 species of Salmon right in your backyard and some epic rainbow and grayling fishing at your fingertips, it’s hard to beat.

Feel free to shoot us a line if you want more info on a trip like this! travel@theflylords.com

Stay tuned as three more Far From Home Episodes will be dropping soon!



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