Faces of Fly Fishing: Lotte Aulom

Flylords: Where are you from, how old are you?

Lotte: I am 29 years old and from a small town called Jessheim in Eastern Norway.

Flylords: How long have you been fly fishing for?

Lotte: I think I was about 10-13 years old when my grandpa handed me a fly rod for the first time. But I didn’t become a true fly fisher until 2011 when I met my husband.

Flylords: Lotte is an awesome name… Does it have a meaning?

Lotte: Thanks! I don’t think the name has a special meaning. The name is short for Charlotte. If I am not wrong, it´s a Danish name.

Flylords: Can you tell us about some of your favorite trips you have been on? Maybe your favorite place in the world to fish?

This summer I had a trip to Canada. Amazing place!! Brook trout fishing with mice imitations on the Minipi waters, and dry fly fishing for Atlantic salmon in the St. Lewis river. Probably the most spectacular trip I have ever had. Canada is big and wild. Lots of big fish and great scenery.

I also love Slovenia. I have been there four times, and I am so amazed by the gin clear rivers and the beautiful nature. Going back there very soon I hope. But Norway is still my favorite place to fish. Slow running, clear rivers with nice brown trout and a lot of hatching mayflies. Home will always be closest to the heart. And there are so many rivers that I haven´t explored here yet.

Flylords: Do you prefer to target fish on a fly or a conventional rod. Why?

Lotte: I only fish with a fly rod. And I prefer to fish with dry flies. I love the visual part of dry fly fishing. But if it’s not the season for dry fly fishing for trout, I might do some fishing for pike, grayling, sea trout or others. Whatever bites the fly and gives me some challenge.

Flylords: For all the girls who are trying to get into the sport, what is some advice you can give them?

Lotte: I wish there were more girls out there by the water. It´s a great hobby and gives some really great experiences. Fly Fishing tends to be a male-dominated sport. And the main reason for me starting the blog ReelGirl-FlyFishing was to show other girls that this is absolutely not only for men. And if I could inspire just one girl to try fly fishing, my goal would be achieved.

If you want to learn the sport, find someone who can teach you the basics in a calm and understanding way. Don’t go into all the deep techniques at first. I also think that a girl teaching a girl can be a good thing. Just get started. And go somewhere in the beginning where the fishing might be a bit easier. So you can get a real taste of the biting fish and the bend in the rod. 😉 It can be a struggle at first, but who doesn’t like a challenge. The most important thing in fly fishing is to just get out there, enjoy nature and learn from it… And of course, have FUN!

Flylords: Favorite Movie, Drink, Book?

Lotte: Can´t live without coke zero or coffee. Not much of a reader, but love good movies and series. Too many favorites to mention only one.

Flylords: Do you have any role models in the fly fishing industry?

Lotte: No one specific that I can mention right now. But there are always some inspiring people I meet out there by the river or see on social media.

Flylords: If you were stranded on an island and only had one rod setup and one fly what would they be?

Lotte: I would definitely bring my Evotec Cast #7 rod with the Opti flow line and the Opti runner reel. Love it!

Flylords: One fish you would love to cross off the bucket list?

Lotte: There are many fish and lots of places on my bucket list. And for every trip, I make there are only more places added as I meet people along the way with great fishing stories. But I have never tried tropical fishing, so bonefish must be somewhere on the top of my list. Also, I would like to try the golden dorado with a fly rod.

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