“Behind the Seams” – A Look Into SIMMS’ Flyweight Collection

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There is no greater pride a manufacturer in the outdoor industry can possess that is greater than being, truly, “American Made”. In the fast-paced industrial world of today, profit possesses priority in the eyes of many who produce their goods in the pursuit of monetary return. Cutting corners, pinching pennies, and outsourcing their jobs to unnamed factories across the world has somehow taken a new normal in the United States, and no one seems to really be asking why. However, this is not the case for all. There are still a few proud companies that dare to sacrifice dollars for quality. Those who, instead of building sweatshops, build communities; and who take inspiration from the work their own peers implement every day and use it to push the envelope to ask: “What’s Next?”.

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It’s companies like SIMMS, whose factory and offices share one home in the heart of Bozeman, Montana, who embody what it means to be a truly American company. Because in the same place the individuals who make SIMMS’ gear practice their craft, they make their homes, raise their families, and fish the great waters around them. This is why, as will be noticed in the new Flyweight series, one can locate the remnants of inspiration bedded under every stitch, lined with every cut, and located behind every seam…

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About SIMMS Flyweight:

The mission of the SIMMS Flyweight collection is to provide gear to anglers who, simply put, want to go further for longer. With the growing pressure our favorite waters are experiencing, the need to get craftier, and explore new fishing opportunities has never been greater. It’s this athlete-inspired mentality to push yourself to step outside the drift boat, and blaze a new trail, that is behind every part of the unique design of Flyweight.

“This is such a versatile line of products from head to toe. You can really use it however you like on a sliding scale of intensity. What benefits the angler that is willing to go the extra mile still translates down to the angler who just fishes locally or isn’t pushing the boundaries. It’s nice to see how well this kit of gear works across the whole breadth of angling types out there today”.

Connor Flanagan, SIMMS Product Marketing Manager 

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Flyweight in action

About “Behind the Seams”:

When we first heard rumors of the new Flyweight collection last Spring, we were eager to investigate. We wanted to dive into the creative process behind each design element of the waders and gear to see where the thought met the sewing machine. It was in searching for that that “Behind the Seams” was born. Not only were we heading to Montana to get a behind-the-scenes look at the wader manufacturing itself, but a look into what inspired the design.

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To go behind the seams, literally, would take you to just that, the inspiration, AKA: the angler in the waders. See, the folks who stand in the waders, are also the folks whose feedback and demands constitute what the next line of products will often look like (this is true for most brands – or at least any worth mentioning). If there are holdbacks, technical malfunctions, or any performance issues whatsoever: they’re going to be discovered by an angler first. This is where we come back to why it’s so important to have the SIMMS factory IN Bozeman. Employees, such as the ones shown in the “Behind the Seams” video can actually take waders hot off the presses, and go field test them miles outside of the office. Not only do these people stand by the product they make, they literally stand in them.

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“Behind the Seams” is capturing the adventure of 2 athletes, whose lifestyle and eagerness to explore don’t parallel their fly-fishing endeavors, but instead intersect with them. The same people who design, sell, and manage the SIMMS products are also aiding in contributing feedback based on THEIR needs as anglers. Call it a pat on the back for SIMMS creating a company culture of actively involved individuals, but by keeping an open ear to the FF community, they’re building and utilizing an internal team that can act as representatives of the fly-fishing world.


We really had such a blast having the privilege of watching Ben and Nick work in the field. It was amazing to see the full life cycle of the waders as they moved from the factory floor to the backcountry trout streams, all while never having to leave the state lines of Montana. In creating this film, we were reminded of the opportunities fishing lends when you really decide to push yourself to new heights. We were also reminded of just how important it is to remember (and this is a bit of a cliche at this point) that it’s not just about catching a big fish, but also having an adventure with the people you love.

To see it for yourself, check out the full film HERE:

Also, make sure to check out the new SIMMS Flyweight Collection HERE.

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  1. Simms was once a great company, great products and prideful customer service. Unfortunately, now there is absolutely no customer service, the newer products just don’t last very long and customer service blames it on the customer and refuses to warrant or even repair their now subpar products. A sharp slap in the face to many a loyal customer who helped get their company off the ground. I have 20 year old $300 wader I still use, and 2 year old $600 waders that are literally falling apart at the seams. Don’t even get me started on the poor construction and lifting seams in the new rain jackets. What happened to having some pride and standing behind your product.

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