Donate Your Christmas Tree to Improve Fish Habitat

Looking for a guilt-free way to get rid of your live Christmas Tree?

Well, all over the nation, various non-profits and state agencies would love to get their hands on your tree to improve fish habitat, and some will even pick up the tree for you. As many anglers know, sunken trees create a phenomenal habitat for fish of all species, from baitfish all the way up to apex predators. In lakes and ponds with little to no structure or depth changes, sinking trees is the perfect way to give these species habitat and improve angling overall, by creating hot-spots of fish activity.

How It’s Done

In order to make sure the sunken trees create the most habitat, the trees are best sunk so that they stand upright off the bottom, as you can see in the graphic above. Most of the time, some anchor is attached to the base of the tree, in the form of a cinder block or a cement-filled bucket. Once your tree has found its new home under the surface, it can take over 10 years for the tree to fully break down in the water attracting all sorts of aquatic life to its decomposing limbs. Crayfish and other macro-invertebrates begin to move in to take advantage of the new source of food and cover.

Where to Donate

The best way to find out how to donate your old Christmas tree is to contact your state’s fisheries department and ask about donation points and partners, some will even come to pick your tree up!

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