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Australia is world-famous for its natural wonders, wide-open spaces and multiple wild things that want to kill you. From its beaches to the deserts, the Outback and the Great Barrier Reef, it has a lot to offer, but for fly anglers, it’s coming of age as one of those truly global “bucket list” fly fishing destinations. Despite the increased attention, there are still so many untouched or remote fly fishing adventures to be had around this amazing country. Forced to pick just one, the Capt Jack Productions team rigged up and went exploring the wild and untouched coastline of Northern Australia.

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South Africans and Australians, also known as “Bastards,” are long-time sporting rivals, but for this exploratory trip to the remote Wessels Islands in the Northern Territories, they put aside our rivalries and joined forces to tackle some of the most technical fish species on the planet. First, they have to get permission from the aboriginal landowner, Terry Yumbulul, and a quick crocodile briefing from his wife, before setting sail with the Waterline crew.

What met them on arrival? Some of the most untouched waters and amazing fishing any of them had ever experienced. Not only were there two different species of permit to target, the blocchi (Indo-Pacific permit) and the Anak, they also got to grips with the main target, the infamous Blue Bastard. Long rumored to exist among Australian fishermen, the Blue Bastard was formally identified as a new species in 2015. Queensland Museum ichthyologist Jeff Johnson named the fish Plectorhinchus caeruleonothus — the Latin translation of blue bastard. Native to the Northern Australian waters, this is a truly Aussie fish. They live up to their name and drive anglers insane because of their tenacity.

Surrounded by bastards, two kinds of Permit, and an array of different species the squad of South African and Australian anglers lost themselves in this truly remarkable fishing. 

The beautiful untouched backdrop of the Wessels Islands with its insane fishing makes Glorious Bastards one crazy ride.

Stream Glorious Bastards Now on Vimeo on Demand!

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