DIY: Prevent Your Guides from Icing Up During the Winter Months

For most of us, the crutch of winter is in full effect. Heavy snowfalls, freezing rain squalls, and brisk wind gusts make their presence known, even if they are unwelcomed in our minds. That being said, winter fly fishing has its pros but also has its cons. Rivers are less crowded. We can experience a sense of solitude out on the water. Nymphing can produce great numbers if done correctly. The downside of winter fishing is well of course…..the cold. We have all been there, trying to cast and all of a sudden our line just isn’t shooting through the guides. Ice build up unfortunately occurs when our with fly line is met with brisk wind chills causing the guides to ice up. This can create issues for anglers often resulting in broken guides or even rods. In this tips and tricks video of the week, Angler’s All demonstrates a DIY method to prevent your guides from icing over.

Icy Guide Tips

Nobody likes a broken fly rod, right? Here is what you can do to prevent it.

  • First, wipe your rod down with a wet rag or paper towel to free the mud and debris that may be stuck to the rod.
  • Head to your local convivence or grocery store and pick up a container of Lemon Pledge. This polishing agent works wonders on hard surfaces and leaves a glossy finish without leaving a waxy build up.
  • Next, simply spray down each section of your fly rod. Be sure to coat the guides and rod shaft as best as possible.
  • Take a cloth or rag and wipe down your fly rod. By wiping the rod, you are ensuring the polishing spray adheres to each nook and cranny on your rod.
  • Lastly, piece your rod back together and its ready for your next winter outing.

This slick polishing spray allows water to bead up much like a freshly waxed car. Your fly rod is your most important tool on the water. Take care of your gear and it will last you a lifetime. Fly fishing in the winter months can be rewarding but also difficult. Take this tips into account the next time you hit the river in hopes that your guides stay clear and your line stays tight!

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