DIY: How to Make Your Own Barred Rubber Legs for Fly Tying

Fly shops are popping up across the nation as the sport of fly fishing continues to grow annually. 2020 brought a new outlook on the sport. The global pandemic forced us outside leading to the influx of new anglers hitting the rivers. As we all know, fly fishing can be an expensive sport to get involved with, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy everything fly fishing has to offer on a budget. In this tips and tricks video of the week, Cheech from Fly Fish Food demonstrates how to create barred rubber legs for fly tying on a budget.

How to Create Barred Rubber Legs on a Budget

  1. Head to your local fly shop and purchase a package of Spanflex in your desired color.
  2. Pull out 5 to 6 fibers from the clump of Spanflex and lightly secure them in your fly tying vise.
  3. Next, pull the Spanflex fibers tight with one hand and using a Sharpie of your choice, rub it on either side of the Spanflex in equal segments.
  4. Using a different color Sharpie, mark the Spanflex between the first set of bars created.
  5. Lastly, cut the Spanflex to the desired segments of your choice and there you go! Barred sexy-floss on a budget!

Adapting is the name of the game when you are on a budget. If you are new to fly fishing and fly tying, you will pick up on these hacks and eventually create your own that will prove successful. Try things out, learn from mistakes, and ultimately catch fish!

Check out Fly Fish Food for more fly fishing tips and tricks by clicking here.

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