Meet Alvin Dedeaux, the owner, and operator of All Water Guides. The operation is located in Austin, Texas where Alvin and his guides target trout, bass, and even redfish on the coast. We are excited to add Alvin to our ongoing blog series “Behind the Guides” presented by Costa Sunglasses.

Photo: Johnathan Vail

Flylords: Who is Alvin Dedeaux?

 Alvin: I am a fly fishing guide and outfitter based in Austin, Texas. My wife and I own and operate All Water Guides, an Orvis Endorsed guide service.

Photo: Austin Stapleton

Flylords: What areas do you guide, how does your calendar year breakdown? 

 Alvin: I guide rivers and lakes in central Texas and the middle Texas coast. I spend the winter and spring in freshwater. Once the winds die down in the late spring and early summer I head to the coast. I will spend half my time in both locations through the summer. Fall is prime time on the Texas coast so that’s where you will find me until winter starts the whole cycle over again.

Photo: Austin Stapleton

Flylords: How days do you spend on the water?

 Alvin: I guide around 250 days a year, but I will be on the water more than 300 days, you know I still love fishing myself so I got to get out there when I can.

Photo: Johnathan Vail

Flylords: Can you give us an idea of the fishing in Austin? 

Alvin: Fishing in and around Austin is pretty awesome. Most people are surprised how much water there is within an hour of downtown Austin. Most of our rivers and streams see very little fishing pressure so the fishing can be really good. Austin is home to a very active fly fishing community. We have several local clubs and the annual stop for the fly fishing film tour usually sells out a 1,200 seat venue. And then when you get off the water we have so much amazing city stuff. Everything from amazing restaurants to the world famous live music scene. 

Photo: Austin Stapleton

Flylords: Tell us about the Guadalupe bass, why are they so special? 

Alvin: The Guadalupe bass is the state fish of Texas, only found in Texas and mostly found in the rivers and streams of central Texas. They are a hard fighting fish that loves fast water. 

A Fistful of Guadalupe Bass

Flylords: What’s it like guiding on the Texas Coast for redfish? 

Alvin: Texas has more than 3,000 miles of bays and estuaries, redfish live in most of that water. I guide in the middle section of the Texas coast. From Port O’Connor down south of Corpus Christi. We have a great variety of fishing opportunities. Everything from bull reds and jacks around the jetties to miles of crystal clear super shallow flats with cruising schools of redfish.

Flylords: What kind of boat/s do you use? 

Alvin: We have a lot of boats. I use a raft on the smaller rivers in central Texas. I use a Hog Island Skiff with an outboard jet and oars for the bigger rivers and lakes. I have a Hells Bay Waterman for the salt.

Photo: Austin Stapleton

Flylords: Piece of gear you won’t leave the house without when your guiding? 

Alvin: For fishing, the salt, polarized glasses would be most important. Pretty hard to sight cast if you can’t see the fish. 

Flylords: It’s our understanding that your wife is also a guide, can you tell us a little bit more about that? Do you guys do trips together? 

Alvin: My wife Lenee has been fly fishing for over a decade and has been guiding for a few years now. She had just finished a masters in biology and decided to take a break before going back to work. While on that break she started helping me with the guide service. It became pretty obvious that the guide service was much more successful with her involvement.

At first, she started doing a few trips once all our guides were booked. Pretty soon people were requesting her. She could guide full time now but luckily for me and the rest of the guides, she puts a priority on making sure the business runs smoothly. 

Flylords: How’d did you break into the guiding industry? 

Alvin: It was a long slow process. I was the manager of the Austin Angler, one of the first fly shops in this part of the country. Over the years a few of us at the shop started doing some guided trips. By the time the Angler closed its doors I was already guiding pretty much full time, so I hit the ground running.

Flylords: How has social media played a roll in growing your business? 

Alvin: I put up my first website in 2001 and I have tried all sorts of marketing and advertising since then. I do remember when I didn’t get any business from social media. That has definitely changed. Today it is still just a part of the whole marketing plan for the business, but it is fast becoming the most important part. It is definitely the most fun part of marketing the business. Being able to interact on a daily basis with our friends and clients is pretty cool. 

Flylords: Can you tell us about the efforts you and your guide service puts forth to conserve and pick up the local rivers?

Alvin: We have always tried to help promote and protect our local waters. Our most visible conservation effort the last couple of years is a river clean up on the Lower Colorado River downstream of Austin. We call it the LoCo Trash Bash (pictured above). In the last 2 years on a one day event, we have had volunteers pull out nearly 14 tons of trash out of the river.

Flylords: Best local watering hole in Austin after a day on the water?

Alvin: Hart to beat a fresh squeezed margarita or a cold brew at Guero’s Taco Bar.

Flylords: How long have you been rockin’ the dreads? 

Alvin: I can’t remember how long I’ve had the dreads, at least 20 years now. One of these days I’m gonna surprise everyone and cut them all off.

Flylords: Tell us about your days in a punk rock band?

Alvin: My band days were great, I got to travel all over the place and meet a bunch of cool people. We were successful enough to quit our day jobs and that gave me plenty of free time to go fishing.

Flylords: If you were to have one species take a topwater fly what would it be? 

Alvin: I could flip a coin between the redfish or bass and be happy. Luckily I get plenty of both!

Flylords: What are your favorite pair of costa shades for your fishery and why or what pair are you currently Rockin? 

Alvin: Current favorite frames are Permit and Fisch. Best lens colors for what I do are Sunrise Silver Mirror and Copper.

Flylords: Do you have any tips for anyone looking to break into the guide business? 

Alvin: I think the keys to getting into the guide business are patience, hard work, creativity and a huge dose of humility. There are many so many different paths to success in this field, that can look like a challenge or a bunch of different opportunities. Guiding is a great career and I feel really fortunate to be able to make a living doing it.

Flylords: What’s next? 

Alvin: I just hope to keep learning and discovering that’s what keeps it exciting for me, but as an old friend of mine once said, There’s only one thing better than this and that’s more of it.”

Be sure to check out Alvin on Instagram @alvin_dedeaux_fly_fishing or @allwaterguides and online at

Cover Photo: Austin Stapleton.

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