10 Fly Fishing and Outdoorsy Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is the best time to celebrate moms, grandmas, wives, and other amazing women. If you’re looking to get the perfect gift for the mom or moms in your life, below are ten fishing and outdoorsy related products that we love.

1. Salmon Sisters Xtratuf Boots

Giving Away The First Salmon Sisters Xtratufs

These aren’t your mother’s rainboots, but they could be! These Xtratufs have cute patterns on the inside that mom will love. They can be rolled down to showcase the design or left up when she’s out on the river. AK Salmon Sisters also has a variety of artsy sweaters, designed hats, and unique socks that make wonderful gifts that can be worn year-round.

Shop Salmon Sisters Xtratufs, here!

2. Fly Vines Bracelets

Is Mom tired of finding fly lines all over the place? Maybe she’ll appreciate fly lines more after she gets a Fly Vines bracelet. They are created from recycled fly lines and make a fun gift for moms who enjoy fly fishing, plus they’re environmentally friendly! With fun colors to chose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect one.

Shop Fly Vines Bracelets, here!

3. Costas Women’s Sunglasses Collection

Costa Sunglasses

Mom will be styling in a pair of Costa sunglasses from the Women’s Collection. She will love the high quality and durability of any of their sunglasses. Waterwoman is great for fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Fernandina is made for family get-togethers, sunbathing, and leisurely activities mom loves.

Shop Women’s Costa Sunglasses, here!

4. Stio Outdoor Apparel

Stio has a variety of clothing for just about any outdoor activity. Moms will enjoy cozy jackets, colorful outfits, and stylish outdoor wear. We especially like the layering look of the Azura Women’s Insulated Vest with the Sweetwater Fleece Hoodie. Mom will appreciate the high-quality material and comfortable feel.

Shop STIO women’s gear, here!

5. Fishy Artwork

Sarah Landstrom’s Green River Steelhead. Available on her website!

There are some amazing fly fishing artists who create unique and beautiful artwork. Check out Andrea Larko, Casey Underwood, Sarah Landstrom, and Eric Estrada. Fish loving moms will enjoy an artsy take on their favorite fish.

6. Yeti Drinkware

We know moms work hard every day for their kids, so show your appreciation by giving mom something that’ll work hard for her. Yeti has some of the toughest drinkware out there, all built with stainless steel. Mom deserves a glass of wine and no better place to pour it then into a Yeti Wine Rambler, which comes in over ten colors and is dishwasher safe.

Shop Yeti Drinkware, here! 

7. Freefly Athleisure Wear

Bamboo clothing just sounds like a gift Mom will adore. Freefly apparel has shirts, pants, and even dresses created for comfort. Pair the Women’s Weekender Hoodie with Utility Shorts for a cozy gift under $150.

Shop Women’s FreeFly Apparel, here!

8. Fishe Wear Leggings


Leggings that have vibrant fish art on them, yes, please! Moms will love the comfort and fun designs that Fishewear has to offer. From Troutrageous Rainbow to Bohemian Brown Trout she can feel fashionable on the water, at yoga, hiking, or lounging at home. Fishewear also has a variety of accessories great for the outdoors such as dry bags, wading belts, and buffs.

Shop Fishe Wear, here!

9. Sightline Provisions Bracelets

We love the Thin Line Trout 2.0 Stars and Trees bracelet. It is intricate and Mom will definitely appreciate it. Sightline Provisions also makes a matching ring, along with a variety of other beautiful bracelets and rings.

10. Yellow Sally Fly Shirt

If mom loves fly fishing, the She’s So Fly V-neck is for her. It’s comfortable, stylish, and has the cutest little flies on it! Yellow Sally Fishing also has a selection of other clothing and accessories for women and girls. The Brown Trout flip flops would also make a great gift just in time for summer.

Shop Yellow Sally Apparel, here!

Spend the Day With Mom

If your mother enjoys fishing, plan a day trip that is just you and mom. Don’t make her do any of the work though! Pick her up and take her to your favorite spot for a few hours on the water. Even if you don’t catch anything she’ll be incredibly happy to spend time with you.

Maybe the woman you’re celebrating Mother’s day with isn’t the biggest fan of fishing… Crazy right, but try and make the day about her even if it means taking a break from fly tying or even fishing. Take her out for lunch or ask her what she truly wants to do. Don’t worry about the fish, they’ll be waiting for you!

Do Your Best to Support Local

Buy local by purchasing locally-made items from small businesses. Head to your local florist, fly shop, bakery, jewelry store, art gallery, and more to find that perfect gift for the amazing women and mothers in your life!

Thank you to all the supportive and awesome mothers out there, we appreciate you.

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