10 Fly Fishing and Outdoorsy Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mom’s deserve the best, they are there for you through thick and thin. They congratulate you on every fish you catch (no matter if it’s big or small) and they always seem to give the best advice. This mother’s day give your mom something she will love and cherish for years to come (don’t worry we made this awesome guide to help you find that perfect gift). Don’t forget to pair it with a handmade letter or card to let mom know how much you appreciate her.

Backcountry x Simms Flyweight Waders

If mom enjoys fishing on warm and sunny summer days, she would love a pair of Flyweight Waders. They are so lightweight they feel just like wearing pants. Summer is coming and mom will appreciate the comfort and coolness of these cute Simms waders.

Check out the Flyweight Waders, here!

Cosmo Coho Fishe Wear Tote Bag

Mom always has everything you need, so get her a bag to carry extra snacks, chapstick, bandages, and all the other items she always seems to have. The Fishe Wear Cosmo Coho tote bag is fashionable and durable. If mom is more of a tarpon or brown fanatic, the tote also comes in those Fishe designs and more.

Cosmo Coho Tote

Shop Fishe Wear Tote Bags, here!

Handmade Necklace from Metal and Mayflies

Metal and Mayflies creates a variety of beautiful handmade jewelry that mom will love. The First Light Necklace is made with sterling silver and a moonstone pendant. According to Metal and Mayflies, “This collection is inspired by the dew-dropped ferns you meet on your way to the river at first light.” You know mom will love that symbolism and she can reflect on fishing memories while wearing this lovely piece of handmade jewelry.

First Light Necklace

Check out this beautiful handmade jewelry, here!

Andrea Larko Hat

For the outdoorsy mother’s that like to spend their days hiking, fishing, kayaking, or even just basking in the sun, a fun trucker hat is a great gift. Female artist, Andrea Larko sells some very fun and unique fish-themed hats. Mom will love that her gift came from a talented female artist, and you know she’ll rock her hat.

Doodle Tarpon SnapBack Trucker Hat image 0

Shop Andrea Larko’s Etsy shop, here!

Simms Insulated Mug

This mug is durable and will keep things warm for 8 hours or cold for 24 hours. Mom can pour her favorite drink in this bright insulated Mug and bring it out on the boat or on the trail. Fish it well, Mamas!

Headwaters Insulated 20 oz Mug

Shop the Simms Insulated Mug, here!

Mountain Cranberry Coconut Wax Candle

You can almost never go wrong with a candle as a gift. For the outdoorsy mom, a hand-poured mountain cranberry candle will delight her with memories of camping and enjoying the great outdoors (without the smells of stinky hiking shoes, sunscreen, and bugspray). Grey Fox Candle Co also creates a selection of other scents that mom will cherish.


Browse the Grey Fox Candle Scents, here!

Backcountry Stretch Rain Jacket

Rain or shine, mom shows up. Give her a jacket that will keep her dry and comfy when outdoors having fun or cheering on the kid’s baseball team. The Backcountry Stretch Rain Jacket is just what mom needs for the rainy days.

Backcountry - Stretch Rain Jacket - Women's - Rich Mauve

Shop the Backcountry Stretch Rain Jacket, here!


Mom’s been rocking a kombucha since the ’80s… but this pomegranate lemonade kombucha is a new twist on the classic. Humm Kombucha is filled with probiotics and tasty flavors that are made to be enjoyed on the river or at dinner with the family!


Check out Pomegranate Lemonade Kombucha, here!

Buff Headband

Headbands are great for the active mama, they’ll keep her hair out of the way on the water, in the office, or playing with the kiddos. Buff makes cool absorbent headbands in fun designs that are mom-worthy.


Product example 2

Shop Buff Headbands, here!

Flylords Bear Tee

We saved the best for last… the Flylords Bear Tee is a classic gift that mom will adore. It is both comfy and casual. Mom can wear it when she’s out camping, fishing, or relaxing at home. This fun shirt comes in mint, navy, and olive.

Shop Flylords Tees, here!

Do Your Best to Support Local

Shop local and purchase locally-made items from small businesses. Head to your local florist, fly shop, bakery, jewelry store, art gallery, and more to find that perfect gift for the amazing women and mothers in your life!

Thank you to all the supportive and awesome mothers out there, we truly appreciate you.

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