Get to Know the New Ross Colorado Reel

Earlier this month, Ross Reels released the all-new Colorado Reel. The reel is not a new version of the current Colorado LT Reel but...

Scott Fly Rods Releases new flagship trout rod: The CENTRIC

FRESH, FAST, AND UNFILTERED, the new Centric Fly Rod is set to replace the ever so sought after and loved Radian Fly Rod. If...

Gear Review: Turtlebox Speaker

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, there's a good chance you've seen one of these speakers pop up in the background of your social media...

Fishing Trip Checklist: How To Put Together An Incredible Experience

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”, sure, Ben Franklin may not have been talking about your next fly fishing trip, but...

Behind the Brand: Twelve Weight

In this installment of "Flylords Behind the Brand" we sat down with the great folks at Twelve Weight to chat about how they have...
Fly Rod Cork Repair_Main Image

How To: Repair a Fly Rod Cork

Fly rod corks come in varying qualities but almost always contain some amount of filler due to the porous nature of the material. The...
Melissa Plantz

Lets Talk About High Alpine Trout Fishing in Colorado

We have all heard the rumors: “18 inch cutthroat up there”, “super spooky fish”, “the biggest I have ever seen”, and while not all...

5 Ways to be a More Sustainable Fly Fishing Consumer

As fly anglers, we care deeply about the health of fish populations and the environments that these fish live in. We know that without...

Thule Announces New Tepui Foothill Rooftop Tent

If you've been hunting for a rooftop tent that won't take up all the precious space on your roof rack, the new Tepui Foothill...

Turtle Box Audio