Bulls on Parade

We set the trip for July. After just two months of learning how to fly fish, I was nervous. Tyler (IG: @thetugisthedrug) had talked...

Fly Fishing “The Worm Hatch” for Early Season Striped Bass

For a few weeks each spring, a little something special happens in salt ponds and estuaries around the New England coast. This event is...

Costa Behind the Guides: Arlo Townsend

 Meet Arlo Townsend, one of the longest working guides on the Truckee River and Pyramid Lake. We spent the day with Arlo searching for...

Video of the Week: 5 MILES OUT

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1gFNy1EMIw For our latest video of the week, we travel to the Great Smoky Mountains. This is a 3 part series. You can see episode...

Photo of the Day: Appalachian Brooktrout

A Brook trout showing his best fall colors from the Appalachian mountains in West Virginia. Check out our "Photographer Spotlight" with Reuben Browning http://www.flylordsmag.com/single-post/2017/05/02/Photographer-Spotlight-Reuben-Browning For more from Reuben...

Fall on the Great Lakes = Big, Angry King Salmon

Coming home to Wisconsin for the weekend, I decided to meet up with the old neighborhood crew to fish my first King (Chinook) Salmon...
O'Pros Rod Holder

Top Fly Fishing Rod Holders and Holsters

As the sport of fly fishing continually evolves, we as anglers constantly find ourselves on the hunt for products that will improve our time...

Paul Thacker: X-Games Athlete

We had the opportunity to sit-down with former X-Games competitor, Paul Thacker. Paul quit his job in 2007 to pursue a competitive snowmobile career....

Faces of Fly Fishing: Christiaan Pretorius

We had the opportunity to chat with one of our good friend, Christiaan Pretorius. He is one of the most well known South Africans in the industry...

Photographer Spotlight: R. Valentine Atkinson

We had the honor to sit down with legendary photographer Val Atkinson. He has been a flyfishing and travel photographer for over 35 years. From continent to continent, Val has had the chance to catch the unique beauty in landscape and the fish that live there.