Simms Releases New Flyweight Collection

Remote is no longer the thing you point at the TV.

Simms is lightening your load with their latest Flyweight Collection. The new line is designed for anglers who crave remote fly fishing adventures and need the lightweight gear that will let them put in the miles on the water without the need for heavy equipment.

From Simms:

“Introducing the all-new Simms Flyweight Collection. Customize your set-up to match any fishing scenario with an integrated 5.11® HEXGRID® platform. Mount pods and other accessories at different angles for smooth ergonomic access and personal preference. Featuring the award-winning Flyweight Stockingfoot Wader, the collection also includes lightweight, versatile packs, outerwear, and accessories. Designed for high-output anglers this entire collection is designed for sunup to sundown missions – because the fish aren’t coming to find you.”

The new collection drops today, March 1, 2021!

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