Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out in the world of fly fishing, on the water gear storage is equally as important. Walk/wade anglers are presented with a few types of storage solutions including hip packs, sling packs, vests, and backpacks. Hip packs are the favorite of many anglers as they provide ample storage for a day on the water and can be kept on your back out of the way of fly lines and leaders. Below are some of the best new hip pack offerings to hit the market in recent months from Simms, Fishpond, and Orvis. 

Flyweight Simms Hip Pack Flylords Photo


First, The Simms Flyweight Hip Hybrid System is the newest hip pack offering from the manufacturer. This hip pack was just released as part of their Flyweight collection of gear designed for anglers who push it to the limits and like to keep their gear light while covering miles in hopes of catching your favorite species in crowd-free waters.

Image by Simms

The Simms Flyweight Hip Hybrid System is a modular system that allows anglers to customize their setup. The Hip Hybrid system includes the Flyweight Large Pod, Flyweight Bottle Holster, and Flyweight Tech Utility Belt. The Flyweight Large Pod has a compression molded front panel and includes two primary storage compartments with a few organizer pockets and a key fob. 

Flyweight Tech Utility Belt. Image by Simms

Similar to other packs and waders in the collection, the Tech Utility Belt features 5.11 Hexgrid Cordura webbing that allows you to attach and change out accessories at a moment’s notice. One of the primary accessories available for the Flyweight Hip Hybrid System is the Flyweight Net Holster.  The complete Hip Hybrid System retails for $159.95 and is available in Tan or Cinder (light gray). 


Image by Fishpond

The new  Switchback Pro Wading System from Fishpond is a modular fishing hip pack similar to the Simms Flyweight Hip Hybrid System. The main compartment has a zipper closure and 2 mesh pockets for organization. On the exterior, there’s an additional magnetic drop-down pocket with 2 mesh pockets and 1 zipper pocket for easy access.

Image by Fishpond

Anglers can attach and remove accessories like the new Thunderhead Water Bottle Holder and Thunderhead Submersible Pouch to ensure all your gear is secured and at the ready. The Switchback Pro Wading System notably features an adjustable shoulder strap and fly pad attachments as well as an integrated net holster. This pack from Fishpond is designed to allow you to take as much or as little gear with you for a day wading your favorite waters. 


Image by Orvis

The Orvis Guide Hip Pack is part of the newest line of packs and bags from the manufacturer. The guide hip pack is designed to provide maximum organization in its 9L of storage. This pack notably features an integrated tippet spool, fly patch, water bottle holder, and net holster.

Orvis Guide Hip Pack
Image by Orvis

 The main storage compartment of this pack features drop-in pockets and stretch mesh sorting pockets. There is an additional front pocket that features two mesh sorting pockets for quick and easy access. The Orvis Guide Hip Pack is perfect for anglers who place a priority on maximum organization. 

Time for an Upgrade? 

Customization is trending in fly fishing gear design and the Simms Hip Hybrid System and the Fishpond Switchback Pro Wading System are the latest and greatest in customization. Other anglers who place a priority on the maximum organization may find the Orvis Guide Hip Pack to be more appealing with so many integrated features. Regardless, if your pack or bag has seen better days and is ready for an upgrade or you’re looking for a quality pack to last for years, any of the options above are sure to meet your needs. 

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