Artist Spotlight: Ed Anderson

We are excited to release this awesome Artist Spotlight piece with the talented Ed Anderson. We also have an exclusive artist collaboration item for sale for you if you read through the interview!

Flylords: Tell us a little about when your art career started?
Been doing it my whole life. But when the economy collapsed in 2008 it was the only trade I’ve ever known…. gave me a sense of urgency.

Flylords: When did your passions for fishing and art collide?
Ed: About the same time. I was working for the No Business Lodge and Jackson Kayak and hitting a lot of trade shows. I thought that crowd would like to see my interpretation of trout.

Flylords: How would you describe your artistic style?
A controlled mess

Flylords: Tell us about your journal.
Ed: Long story short; all my finished pieces are based on sketches.  I believe all art is just telling a story.  It took a bit of refining, but now the pages have become a very effective way to tell about adventures and the folks I’ve met along the way.

Flylords: Do you have a favorite piece of artwork you have done?
Ed: I have a large black and white painting of my grandfather in his WWII flight gear.  It sits in my basement and reminds me of sacrifice and legacy.

Flylords: Biggest accomplishment as an artist?
Lucky enough to have had the 50th anniversary cover of Grays Sporting Journal.

Flylords:  Favorite fish to draw?
Ed: Spawned out red salmon…. tons of symbolism.

Flylords: Tell us a little about the brown trout collaboration we worked on! What inspired you to draw this fish?
I love angry brown trout and thought it’d be a fun design.  My thought on the story is its something everyone can relate to you.  Even if you don’t have a lucky hat, you’ve thought about it.

The Flylords X Ed Anderson Lucky Hat Collaboration

Flylords: Are you working on anything cool for the end of this year?
Ed: Tons.  Finishing the build on an 85 Bronco 2.  Getting ready for three gigantic shows including a synopsis of my 2 month residency at Ding Darling NWR for their 75th year.

Flylords: Would you rather catch a trophy fish, or draw a trophy fish?
Ed: Id rather listens to others tell their fish stories.

Flylords: Favorite Beer, Movie, Band?
Anything Cold, Bull Durham, shifts regularly but have been appreciating the hell out of Tom Petty after his death.
Flylords: Have you had any near-death experiences?
Hit a tree skiing… should have died.  I’m thankful to be here.

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