Angler Spotlight: Matt Jones

We are excited to announce that Matt Jones will be joining the Flylords Team. Matt will be our New Zealand Content Specialist!

We wanted to ask Matt a few questions to make sure he was right for the job:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and how long have you been fly fishing for? 
My name is Matt Jones, I’m 21 years old and I live in Christchurch on New Zealand’s South Island. I’ve been Fly fishing since I was roughly 4 or 5 years old…and that’s when the addiction started!

2. What was the last fish you caught?
Last fish I caught! Ahh I think it was a 12lb Rainbow Trout that couldn’t say no to a little bit of streamer. 

4. Tell us a little bit about living in New Zealand. How is the lady life? Are most kids your age into fly fishing?
Living in New Zealand is as good as it gets! If I get a spare day I’m off right into some of the best trout fishing this planet has to offer! After work, I can drive 7 minutes from home and be swinging for Chinook salmon. If the tides are right a 20-minute drive from home has me chucking poppers for Kahawai. If it’s good I can have one every cast for a couple of hours (average 5-8lb) -Lady life- I’m 21, you could say they come and go! ☺ -Most kids show an interest in fly fishing if you have a chat with them about it. Very few actually fish though, although there is certainly an increase in the number of young guys fly fishing over here.

 5. Do you have any role models in the Fly Fishing Industry?
Jared Zissu, That guy is legit. Carl McNeil. That guy is walking talent. Everything he does, he does well.

6. If you were stuck on a deserted island and had one fly rod and one fly, what would they be? You can also choose one celebrity to accompany you…
I would pick 9ft #8. Such a versatile GP rod. Brands should be marketing them specifically for the deserted island market. One fly, Olive woolly bugger- everything eats those. Celeb, Matt Damon… He can grow potatoes.

7. If you could choose one destination trip to go on, where would it be?
Anaa Atoll– That’s on my immediate to-do list right now. Give me some of that salt!

9. Favorite Movie?
Palm Trees in the Snow– I hated it, but loved it. Long Story.

10. Favorite Drink?
Up&Go. Unsure if the rest of the world knows what it is. It’s pretty much, flavored milk that has a bit of goodness in it. Sold as a liquid breakfast product.

11. Favorite Artist?
Ronan Keating. His voice makes me cry.

12. What’s next in the life of Matt Jones?

I’d love to tick off a few more destinations around the world, Taimen, Golden Dorado and Atlantic salmon I would be down for! I’m really keen to explore deeper into more of the saltwater fish species NZ has to offer, there are heaps. Life’s too short. Fish.

Photos Provided By Joshua Hutchins

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