Angler Spotlight: Anna Sanders

Anna Sanders

1. How old are you and when did you start fishing? 

I am currently 20 years old! I have been fishing probably since I could walk, I started more in ponds and lakes because I could ride to them when nobody wanted to go because of the heat! I am attending Armstrong State majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Photography!

2. Do you prefer fly fishing or conventional tackle? 

I prefer conventional tackle over fly fishing where I am located. With muddy waters and huge tides, sight fishing can be very difficult. For trips down to Florida, I prefer fly fishing. The water is for the most part gin clear, making sight fishing optimal.

3. Favorite fish to catch on the fly. 

As of right now, my favorite fish to catch on the fly is redfish. The Lowcountry here offers low tide belly crawling redfish, or high tide tailing redfish in the grass. When the tide springs, the water gets on these spartina grass flats where the fiddler crabs are. The redfish will have their tails out the water while trying to suck fiddler crabs out of the holes in the mud, making it very easy to sight cast them. Winter time low tide mud flats can be awesome for sight casting schools of redfish up to 200+ fish. By far, redfish is the best sight fishing with the fly rod.

4. Favorite Song?

My all time favorite song and artist is Eric Church, Record Year. If you don’t like Eric Church, please go home and check your temperature!

5. Favorite Movie?

My favorite movie..hmm.. that’s for sure a hard one because I am a fan of any comedy movie, but besides those, Law Abiding Citizen would be hands down a movie I could watch a million time and never tired of!

6. Do you have any Idles in the fishing world? 

I would definitely have to say my idle is Maddie Brenneman (@maddiebrennenman), who is a fly fishing guide in Colorado. She for sure is a badass, her pictures are flawless, she also just seems very humble. Yeah, I would say I have a girl crush. 

7. If you could take one bucket list fishing trip where would it be?

To the Florida Keys to catch bonefish, tarpon, and permit. Three very incredible species that the Low country does not offer, besides tarpon. Our fishery of tarpon is very slim compared to Florida and our waters are very murky, making sight fishing tarpon difficult.

8. What do you think of the Flylords Snapchat Adventures?

The fly lords snapchat adventure is awesome! It is a very unique way to share everyone’s experiences and see different fisheries. Would love to be on it more!

 9. Can you tell us a little bit about your Snapchat Adventure, and the fishing conditions down in the Low Country:

The best month to fish here in the Lowcountry of South Carolina is August, which is also the hottest unfortunately. Battling a 150 pound tarpon in 110 degree heat can wear you down in a snap second. Let me tell you folks, it’s worth every second. This time of year offers a wide species list to chase. Tarpon, Jack Crevalle, Sharks, and Redfish are prime right now. Today we sought after Jacks and Tarpon and engaged with both. The tarpon here in the Lowcountry are tough to catch. A usual day here is jumping one tarpon, but today we were lucky. We went 1 for 1 on tarpon, which we estimate was 110 pounds. As far as the jacks go. Chasing around a 100 fish school we went 1 for 2. Fought a nice 30 pounder for about 20 minutes and pulled the hook at the boat, then turned around and boated a decent 15 pounder. It was a great day on the water here in the Lowcountry.

And follow along on our Snapchat Adventures! Username: theflylords

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