Scully Garbutt, the renowned Belizean permit guides’ son Javohn Garbutt has been diagnosed with a brain tumor this past summer. Join us in helping Scully and his family who own and operate Garbutt’s Fishing Lodge. The Garbutt’s also guide out of Copal Tree Lodge formerly known as Bel Campo Lodge, a popular destination for many anglers.

Update, “The two of them have spent the last handful of months at cancer centers in Denver and Minneapolis and will be returning again soon later in January. The good news is that doctors think that the most recent surgery might have removed all of Javohn’s tumor.” Check out the full update from Simon Perkins over at Orvis here.

Thank you for caring. Scully, Doret, Javohn, and the entire Garbutt family appreciate your support.

Header photo credit to Orvis Fly Fishing.

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